three coins in the fountain

the year: 1954

the genre: drama

the cast: Clifton Webb (John Frederick Shadwell); Dorothy McGuire (Miss Frances); Jean Peters (Anita Hutchins); Louis Jourdan (Prince Dino di Cessi); Maggie McNamara (Maria Williams); Rossano Brazzi (Georgio Bianchi)

the plot: three American secretaries/roommates working in Italy wish for the men of their dreams after throwing coins into Rome's magnificent Trevi Fountain. Frances is in love with her employer, a smooth-talking novelist, while Anita defies office regulations by spending time with an Italian who works at the government agency, and office newcomer Maria meets a real Italian Prince Charming.

don't miss: Miss Frances' binge drinking.

watch for: the magically full fountain in the last scene.

listen for: "My husband declares that I was simply born to be a writer. He says if anyone just took a pencil and followed me around, they'd have a novel." "My dear lady, I should be delighted to get behind you with a pencil."

you can watch the movie in parts, starting here.

extra bonus points: if you know which 50s vocal group is well known for its version of the theme song.

also listen for: "Why can't women play the game properly? Everyone knows that in love affairs only the man has the right to lie!"

watch the trailer here.


Erika said...

Who is(are?) "The Four Freshmen"?

Millie Motts said...

Close! The Four Aces.