guess who?

His middle name was Horatio.

He was an only child and showed an early aptitude for performing, much to his father's concern. That concern became alarm as he grew up and showed no signs of interest in the legal career his father had planned for him.

In high school his interest covered many areas - glee club, drama club, public speaking, cheerleading, and illustrations for his 1910 and 1911 school yearbooks.

Most of his early movie roles were villains.

He purchased a 150-carat sapphire engagement ring for Jean Harlow, and presented it to her for Christmas of 1936.

His on-screen partnership with Myrna Loy was one of Hollywood's most prolific pairings, with the couple appearing in 14 films together. They both received letters from their fans requesting marriage advice.


Erika said...

Who is William Powell. Horatio, now there's a great name.

Scott said...

Cheerleading? Really?

Millie Motts said...

I'm *sure* that's where he got his killer sense of humor.