i wanna...

dance on the penthouse balcony with Fred Astaire (from Daddy Long Legs).

have Dana Andrews fall asleep on my shoulder (from The Best Years of Our Lives).

attend Juliette Binoche's dinner party in Chocolat.

have dinner with Cary Grant (from The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer).

have Frank Sinatra sing to me (from High Society).

What do you wanna?


Erika said...

I wanna dance w/ Danny Kaye in White Christmas on the pier/dock...or in the 7B47B barn dance. I wanna wear hats like in "The Music Man."

Laney said...

Ooh, so many! I want the green velvet dress of Betty's in White Christmas, go to Cuba with Sky Masterson - the non-alchoholic way, watch Vera Ellen & Donald O'Connor dance together and wear fun 30's/40's/50's night on the town clothes and go to a show with you two!

bporter said...

I wanna know what sewer junction in New York is big enough to shot craps in? (No pun intended) I wanna bang coconuts together and pretend I'm riding a horse across England. I wanna rich uncle that gives me smoke bombs that look like batteries. AND I wanna triple, because I'm the real Condorman!

Erika said...

Gasp! But *no one* orders the triple!