the clock

the year: 1945

the genre: drama

the trailer: here

the cast: Judy Garland (Alice Mayberry); Robert Walker (Corporal Jo Allen); James Gleason (Al Henry); Lucile Gleason (Mrs. Al Henry); Keenan Wynn (the drunk)

the plot: Soldier Joe Allen is on a two-day leave in New York, where he meets Alice. She agrees to show him the sights and they spend the day together. A simple little wartime love story.

count: the number of times Corporal Allen makes kids cry.

don’t miss: the Al Henrys – they are a treat.

check out: the lady at the luncheonette counter. She’s Moyna MacGill, Angela Landsbury's mother.

listen for: “You are without a doubt the most maddeningly exquisite creature it has ever been my pleasure to come in contact with. Let me take you out of all this.”

also listen for: "You've got brown eyes."


bporter said...

From the first photo in the post, and the clip of the movie, I think this movie is too risque. That's a lot of leg showing!

Millie Motts said...

Not only that - they KISS!!