the thomas crown affair

the year: 1968

the genre: suspense

the cast: Steve McQueen (Thomas Crown); Faye Dunaway (Vicki Anderson); Paul Burke (Eddy Malone)

the plot: Four unrelated men carry off a bank heist of over $2 million – meeting for the first time during the actual heist itself. Their unknown leader is suave and wealthy Thomas Crown, an executive at the bank that was hit. Eddy Malone, the Boston police detective in charge of the case, is coming up empty in his investigation until beautiful insurance investigator Vicki Anderson comes on the scene. Anderson thinks like a thief and works on her instincts. Looking through the evidence, she believes that Crown is her man. Despite their positions, she and Crown are immediately attracted to each other - but this doesn’t stop their cat and mouse chase.

count: the thief to guard ratio at the bank.

don’t miss: Theodora Van Runkle(!)’s fashion designs. Oh, so 60s.

check out: the cool split screen effects.

listen for: “Left early. Please come with the money... or, you keep the car. All my love, Tommy.”

also listen for: “…wall to wall carpet…”

did you know: After watching a five hour rough cut of the film, composer Michel Legrand took a six week vacation during which he wrote 90 minutes of music. The film was then reedited to the music, instead of the other way around. If this experiment had failed, Legrand would have written a second score in the traditional way free of charge.

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Laney said...

I never had a desire to see the remake, not knowing it was remake. This one looks good! My list keeps increasing...