solid gold cadillac

the year: 1956

the genre: comedy

the cast: Judy Holliday (Laura Partridge); Paul Douglas (Edward L. McKeever); Fred Clark (Clifford Snell); John Williams (Jon T. Blessington); Hiram Sherman (Harry Harkness); Arthur O’Connell (Mark Jenkins)

the plot: Laura Partridge is a very enthusiastic stockholder of 10 shares of the International Projects corporation based in New York. She attends her first stockholder meeting ready to question the board of directors on everything from their salaries to their operations. Edward McKeever, the current CEO has resigned in order to take an advisory position at the Pentagon. Following the meeting, he bumps into Laura and offers to drive her home. On the way there, Laura shares her enthusiasm for being a stockholder, and as a result, Edward takes a liking to her. With Edward in Washington, the remaining (and crooked) board members establish their hold on International Projects. They see an opportunity now that McKeever has influence with the US Senate in awarding federal contracts but get frustrated because he is honest and won't do their bidding. In the meantime, Laura continues to be a nuisance to the board. They decide to give her a high paying, but harmless (or so they think) position with the company to keep her quiet. When they send her to Washington to use her influence on McKeever, Laura decides to take matters into her own hands and get him back in charge of the company.

don’t miss: McKeever’s foray into Shakespeare.

check out: George Burns as the narrator.

listen for: “Miss Partridge, you see, I am a businessman. All my life I've concentrated on business. Now, this has necessarily forced me to devote more of my time to some things and less to others. You understand. “ “Sure. You're scared of girls.”

watch a movie clip here.


bporter said...

Ah, the inspiration for Avon's pink caddy!

Laney said...

You mean Mary Kay ;)

I liked how spunky she was and in the end they TOTALLY skunked them. Gotta love the little people in the world!