call me madam

the year: 1953

the genre: musical

the cast: Ethel Merman (Sally Adams); Donald O’Connor (Kenneth Gibson); Vera-Ellen (Princess Maria); George Sanders (General Cosmo Constantine); Billy De Wolfe (Pemberton Maxwell)

the plot: Sally Adams has made it her business to know everyone worth knowing in Washington D.C., and her penchant for parties pays off when she's appointed United States Ambassador to Lichtenburg. Once she is installed in her new position, she falls in love with suave Foreign Minister Cosmo Constantine, while Princess Maria has her head turned by Sally's press attaché, Kenneth.

don’t miss: Sally’s curtsy.

check out: another of my favorite “meet cutes” (see video below).

listen for: “Tell me - how does this reception differ from your famous Washington parties?” “Well we have a good time!”

did you know: Lichtenburg is actually a fictionalized name for Luxembourg. The character of Sally Adams is based on the real-life Perle Mesta (although the plot of the film is entirely fictional), and Perle Mesta was named Ambassador to Luxembourg by President Truman.

also check out: Sally’s promotion to Dame.


Erika said...

Looks cute!

bporter said...

Singing in the Rain meets White Christmas huh? Wouldn't that end up just being Slush Christmas?

Laney said...

This is a fun movie - I LOVE watching Donald and Vera dance.

Millie Motts said...

And I have to thank Laney's mother for the recommendation to watch it!