if you could only cook

the year: 1935

the genre: comedy

the cast: Herbert Marshall (Jim Buchanan/Jim Burns); Jean Arthur (Joan Hawthorne); Leo Carrillo (Mike Rossini); Lionel Stander (Flash)

the plot: Jim Buchanan, wealthy president of Buchanan Motor Company, is engaged to a henpecking aristocrat who is interested in him only for his money. When Jim's fellow executives reject his plan to introduce a new automobile design, he decides to take a vacation. Declaring himself "sick and tired of everything", Jim goes for a walk in the park, where he meets a young woman named Joan Hawthorne. Joan is having trouble finding a job, and was recently evicted from her apartment. Assuming he is also a job hunter, she asks Jim to pose as her husband so they can apply for a combined job opening for a butler and a cook. Without revealing his true identity, he agrees. When they get the job at mobman/bootlegger Mike Rossini’s place, things really take off.

check out: Flash. He’s a quick one!

don’t miss: Jim’s butle lessons from Jennings.

count: how many of Rossini’s mobsters ride to the rescue.

listen for: “Do you think I'm out of my mind?” “I'm hoping for the best sir!”

also listen for: “Yer cook is in the jug. J-A-I-L – jug!”


Erika said...

That looks hilarious. Lots of potential. Let me guess--she can't cook??

Millie Motts said...

No, she can. The more correct title would have been "If Only You Could Butle". :)

It IS a cute one. We'll have to watch it next time you come. Have you watched Ball of Fire yet?

Erika said...

soon, soon. hopefully this weekend!

Erika said...

Just watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it! I think Flash may be my favorite--he's a high class thug: does a little "snoopin" but can play classical.

Another favorite line: "There ought to be laws against parks..and benches."

"You're the most eloquent liar I've ever met." "Thank you!"