to see

Silver Lining Playbook

(And not just because I can appreciate his views on Hemingway.)

Hotel Transylvania

Robot & Frank

The Trouble With the Curve


Erika said...

Am I the only one who's wondered what qualifies an "appropriate audience"? I mean, shouldn't the TRAILER be what's appropriate for the audience and not vice versa? Consider a troop of boy scouts--they would not be an appropriate audience for something like Pride and Prejudice, but are ideal for a Jack Black film. Another example, Blaine and Scott--their appropriateness as an audience varies on how much sleep they have, how much sugar is consumed, which of their adoring public are near, and the movie subject matter. I'm so confused! Maybe that means I'm not an appropriate audience and shouldn't watch trailers...

Scott said...

Wisely put, Erika. For example, I don't believe Blaine and I are the appropriate audience for anything based on, written by, or inspired by, Nicholas Sparks, or Stephanie Meyers (or for Xanadu, in it's own right. Or maybe that's just me. Blaine may have been corrupted.) Experience has shown that viewing such things in the presence of *adoring fans,* tends to turn said *adoring fans* into a pitch-fork wielding lynch mob.