last chance harvey

the year: 2008

the genre: dramedy

the cast: Dustin Hoffman (Harvey Shine); Emma Thompson (Kate Walker); Kathy Baker (Jean); James Brolin (Brian)

the plot: Harvey is about to lose his unfulfilling dead-end job writing jingles when he boards a plane to attend his daughter's wedding in London. Upon arriving in London, Harvey is devastated to learn that his daughter has opted to have her stepfather walk her down the aisle instead of him. Harvey realizes that he won't be able to suppress his sadness through the whole reception, and makes a quick getaway in hopes of catching a plane back home. Later, at the airport bar, Harvey is drowning his sorrows when he strikes up a conversation with no-nonsense Office of National Statistics employee Kate.

don't miss: Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson - both great actors and it's fun to watch them work!

listen for: "I'm gonna dance your socks off."

extra bonus points: if you know how Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson came to be co-stars in this movie. 


Erika said...

They both read the script and recommended the other one, didn't they? Or they had talked about the plot idea together before?

Millie Motts said...

Answer: They had so much fun working together on Stranger Than Fiction that they looked for another project they could collaborate on.