quotes: debbie reynolds movies

1. Salutations.

2. Meet the greatest actor in the world! I'd rather kiss a tarantula.
You don't mean that.
I don't - - Hey Joe, get me a tarantula.

3. I don't care who the father is, but I'M the grandfather!

4. Just think, Miss Renie, that same moon that's shinin' down on me this very moment, is shinin' down on Pete's tomatoes!

5. I'll bet you made the doctor show his license before he slapped your bottom!

6. Molly sure know what she was doin' when she made this place red. The blood don't show.

7. I was holding auditions...
With three sailors?
With a young lady! And we were, well...
You can skip that. You're old enough and we're broad minded.


Erika said...

1. Charlotte's Web
4. One of the Tammy's

Scott said...

2. Singin' in the Rain
6. The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Millie Motts said...

1. Charlotte's Web
2. Singin' in the Rain
3. Bundle of Joy
4. Tammy & the Bachelor
5. The Mating Game
6. The Unsinkable Molly Brown
7. Hit the Deck