the finder

Serendipity: stumbling upon a great new-to-you tv show.

I saw the commercials for The Finder, thought it looked interesting, and then promptly forgot all about it - don't tell anyone, but this seems to be the trend in my life right now. ;)

Then, thank goodness for xfinity-on demand, I found the "catch up" episodes and immediately spent four delightful hours with my new favorite show.

Any of these will give you a sense of the quirky, fun.

All the promos say that it's a Bones spin off, but I have to say it's an entirely different animal and they made some changes between the mention on a December Bones episode and the start of the official season.

Iraq war veteran Walter Sherman locates almost anything for just about anyone. Once he’s on a case, there’s no turning back until he’s found exactly what he’s looking for – whether that’s a dead body, a missing father, a guitar pick, a murder weapon or a pair of lucky socks. Walter’s legal advisor and brother-in-arms Leo Knox (once an intense lawyer) is now a gentle giant and philosopher who owns the ramshackle Ends of the Earth bar in Looking Glass Key, FL, which also serves as a makeshift office and home base for Walter. Leo keeps a close eye on unruly teenager Willa Monday, who is currently on probation and works at the Ends of the Earth bar.

Because of his rare skills, Walter is often asked to find a person or a thing that law enforcement either will not or cannot find. Walter’s occasional social ineptitude, general paranoia and case-related tunnel vision make him somewhat difficult to work with, but thanks to the help and guidance of Leo, as well as the grateful friends and connections he has made through his work, he ultimately finds meaning in his own life by finding someone or something other people have lost.

Here's the Bones promo:

Update: Sadly, this show was cancelled by FOX.  It might have made the cut if they hadn't played musical chairs with its schedule. Sigh.


Erika said...

Looks entertaining. I think I could really like his "beautiful assistant" in the What Happened? clip.

Erika said...

OK, so I spent "four delightful hours watching my new favorite show" this weekend, as well. Loved it! Engaging characters that play off each other so well. Lots of fabulous one-liners. 4 stars!