the omega/london connection

the year: 1979
the genre: suspense...er, comedy
the cast: Jeffrey Byron (Luther Starling); Larry Cedar (Roger Pike); Frank Windsor (McGuffin)

the plot: An exciting adventure begins for a young American government agent when he witnesses the kidnapping of a noted European scientist in London. The only item left behind is a gold ring, inscribed with an address, that leads the agent into a massive conspiracy of international proportions. A baffling series of clues and a high-speed boat chase in the Port Of London add up to a superlative Disney mystery thriller!

Laney can probably vouch for the fact that this movie is a little corny...I mean, it's a DISNEY spy movie. Regardless, this was one of our favorites growing up - and always on the summer afternoon/green bean snapping list. This is definitely a hard-to-find gem...as evidenced by the fact that I could only find one - yes, one - pic related to this movie on the internet. But don't let that fool you. This is good clean fun...

count: how many vehicles the Scotland Yard detectives lose.

listen for: "I once had a cat named Luther!"

don't miss: the great ball bearing escape. And the cross-dressing escape.

also don't miss: the hot air balloon, the motorboat, the motorcycle with sidecar, the oceanliner, the tank...

Here's the opening scene - tell me this isn't the grooviest 70s spy movie music you've ever heard:


Erika said...

Does it make it the gooviest music ever, if I started humming it before I even played the clip? :)

And don't forget Aunt Lydia!

Laney said...

Laney can indeed attest to the SERIOUS corny/cheesy/are-you-kidding-me-ness of this movie. But it's worth the laughs.

Not as good as Condorman, but not everyone can live up to that early 80's cheese.

B Porter said...

YES....it's about time this gets its place on your blog. In my humble opinion, it should have been the first post. "Live Free or Die Hard" has nothing on the fluffy action in this movie. I bet you can't find pictures of the film because you don't have the clearance for that kind of classified goodness. I can't tell you how many of my amazing spy skills and gadgets got their start from this movie. I also can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen it the last time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where you can find this movie to watch or buy? I probably watched this 300x when i was a kid - Dad made a VHS copy from when it was on TV.