guess who.

He first worked writing advertising copy.

During WWII he commanded a landing craft taking part in the invasion of Sicily and Elba and later ferried supplies to the Yugoslav partisans.

During his time in the theatre, he played 77 parts.

The qualities he claimed to most admire in an actor were "simplicity, purity, clarity of line."

He helped Harrison Ford find an apartment when he arrived in Englad to film one of their most famous films.

In certain prints of the film in which he won the Best Actor Oscar, his last name is misspelled.

He has played characters named Captain Crawford, Prince Feisal, Professor Marcus, Father Brown, Colonel Fraser, Major Sinclair, and (my favorite) Jamessir Bensonmum.


Laney said...

Second to Goofy he plays my favorite Jacob Marley.

Scott said...

He's pretty good in the original incarnation of the Lady Killers as well. That's wonderful dark comedy right there.

Millie Motts said...

Good to know. I have The Lady Killers on my list of "to sees".

Laney said...

Alec Guinness