the year: 2009

the plot: A young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventurer girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a Lost Land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died but Carl remembers the promise he made to her. When he is forced to go to a retirement home, Carl escapes by tying thousands of balloon to his home. Right after lifting off, he learns he isn't alone on his journey, since Russell, an 8-year old wilderness explorer, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip. Together, they embark on an adventure, where they encounter talking dogs, an evil villain and a rare bird named Kevin.

don't miss: Dug the dog. SQUIRREL!

listen for: "This is crazy. I finally meet my childhood hero and he's trying to kill us. What a joke." "Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, "I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead." Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead."

did you know: as per Pixar tradition, John Ratzenberger once again provides a voice in the movie, making him the only actor to do a voice in every Pixar film.

extra bonus points: if you know which two movie stars serve as the inspiration for Carl Fredricksen's face and gruff personality.

also listen for: "Oh! Mr. Fredricksen! If we happen to get separated, use the wilderness explorer call: 'CA - CA! RAWRRR!'"

did you also know: all characters are based upon circles and rectangles, except for the villains who are triangles.


Erika said...

Ah, such a good movie. I chucked just reading this! Wasn't Walter Mathau one of the inspirations?

Laney said...

You mean Chuckled? ;)

The soundtrack makes me happy, too. Did Blaine tell you about the Nat'l Geo. "Up" house they built that flew by balloons?

Millie Motts said...

Correct: Walter Matthau and Spencer Tracy were the inspiration for Carl.

I saw that! Not sure I would want to be the "test pilot", but I loved that they even used colored balloons.