broadway melody of 1938

the year: 1937

the genre: musical

the cast: Robert Taylor (Steve Raleigh); Eleanor Powell (Sally Lee); George Murphy (Sonny Ledford); Buddy Ebsen (Peter Trot); Sophie Tucker (Alice Clayton); Judy Garland (Betty Clayton)

the plot: Steve Raleigh wants to produce a show on Broadway. He finds a backer, Herman Whipple and a leading lady, Sally Lee. But Caroline Whipple forces Steve to use a known star, not a newcomer. Sally purchases a horse she used to train when her parents had a farm before the depression and with two ex-vaudevillians, she trains it to win a race, providing the money Steve needs for his show.

don't miss: Peter Trot, the jockey.

listen for: "Is he deaf?" "Well, he was the last time when I asked him for a raise."

did you know: The song "Dear Mr. Gable" was a birthday present for Clark Gable's 36th birthday. Composer and arranger Roger Edens adapted the old song "You Made Me Love You" by James V. Monaco. It was sung at Gable's birthday party by a young Judy Garland. Producer Louis B. Mayer was so impressed by it, that he gave order to let Garland sing it again in the next great musical MGM was going to produce.


Erika said...

Frankly, that looks like it would be worth watching if for no other reason than Miss Snipe! :D

Millie Motts said...

And I believe Miss Snipe is played by Fanny Brice - the actress Barbra Streisand played in Funny Girl.

You'll love the vaudevillians, too! This is one of those movies that MGM used to showcase a bunch of their smaller character actors - so it's kind of like a string of small skits woven together.