the year: 1992

the genre: suspense

the cast: Robert Redford (Martin Bishop); Sidney Poitier (Donald Crease); Dan Ackroyd (Darren "Mother" Roskow); David Strathairn (Irwin 'Whistler' Emery); River Phoenix (Carl Arbogast); Ben Kingsley (Cosmo); Mary McDonnell (Liz); James Earl Jones (Agent Bernard Abbott)

the plot: A burglar, a spy, a fugitive, a delinquent, a hacker, and a piano teacher... and these are the good guys. Martin Bishop is the head of a group of experts who specialise in testing security systems. When he is blackmailed by Government agents into stealing a top secret black box, the team find themselves embroiled in a game of danger and intrigue. After they recover the box, they discover that it has the capability to decode all existing encryption systems around the world.

don't miss: Carl trying to get a date.

watch for: the jacket Robert Redford wears. It's the same one he wears in The Natural.

listen for: "Uh, could we maybe just go back to the "they might kill us" part?"

extra bonus points: if you can name what each of the gang wants from the NSA in exchange for the encryption chip.

also listen for: "We got bupkis! We turn ourselves in now, they'll give us twenty years in the electric chair!"


Erika said...

A Winnebago....Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men ("Were the United States Government. We don't *DO* that kind of thing.")...

Laney said...

I love when Whistler drives the van!

Millie Motts said...


Marty: a clear record.

Crease: two round-trip, first-class tickets to Athens, Lisbon, Madrid, and Scotland. And Tahiti.

Mother: a Winnebago, fully equipped, big kitchen, waterbed, AM-FM, CD, microwave - burgundy interior.

Carl: the young lady with the Uzi's phone number.

Whistler: peace on earth, and goodwill toward men.

Liz: nothing.