guess who?

She was an only child, and maintained a close relationship with her mother throughout her life.

She didn't drink, but she had her very own ice cream soda fountain.

Always the outdoor sporty type, she was a near-champion tennis player, a topline shot and loved going fishing.

She turned down Donna Reed's role in It's a Wonderful Life.

She was good friends with Lucille Ball and Bette Davis.

She was born Virginia Katherine McMath, but was nicknamed Feathers by one of her co-stars.

She was a fashion consultant for the J.C. Penney chain from 1972-75.

She won a Charleston contest in 1925, at the age of 14, and appeared in vaudeville acts until she was 17.


Erika said...

Doris Day?

Laney said...

Ginger Rogers (one of my all time favorite photos of her is in waders in the middle of a stream fly fishing. One of the most stylish women ever completely at ease "roughing it.")

Erika said...

I see it now! I love the soda fountain idea. Do we have one of those at the Happy Trails Resort?

Laney said...

Ok seriously when are you opening said resort? I wanna visit.

Millie Motts said...


And yes, we *definitely* need one at Happy Trails.

Scott said...

I read once that Ginger Rogers was Fred Astaire's only dance partner who was never reduced to tears by Fred's demanding rehearsal schedule