the end

Can you guess the movie by the end title?


Erika said...

This one's tougher! I'm gonna go with:
1. Christmas in Connecticut
2. It's Comming up Carnations (or possibly Daddy Long Legs)
3. Lt. Robinson Crusoe
4. Dumbo
5. Bewitched
6. The Adventures of Robin Hood

Scott said...

I'm going to guess

1. White Christmas
2. In the Good Ole' Summertime
3. Father Goose
4. No idea (something with Danny Kaye?)
5. Arsenic and Old Lace
6. Again I am shrugging (something with Errol Flynn? or maybe Danny Kaye)

Millie Motts said...

Again, I'm impressed!

1. Christmas in Connecticut
2. My Fair Lady
3. Father Goose
4. Dumbo
5. Arsenic & Old Lace
6. The Adventures of Robin Hood

Laney said...

Look at those mad skills of Scott and Erika! I'm so impressed.

bporter said...

I got them all right, who would have thought. Even ones I've never heard or seen before!