the year: 1960

the genre: drama

the cast: Jane Wyman (Aunt Polly Harrington); Hayley Mills (Pollyanna Whittier); Nancy Olson (Nancy Furman); Karl Malden (Reverend Ford); Adolphe Menjou (Mr. Pendergast); Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Snow); Richard Egan (Dr. Edmond Chilton)

the plot: Even after having lived the hardscrabble life of a missionary's daughter all her life and seen the loss of both parents, young Pollyanna Whittier refuses to be depressed. Now, however, she must go to live with her cold, spinsterish aunt in a town inhibited by embittered, unfriendly souls. Can she use her glad game to win over everyone and transform the town?

count: the number of times Angelica rolls her eyes.

don’t miss: Mrs. Snow. She’s my favorite!

check out: the town bazaar. How fun would it be to get to go?

listen for: “Glad this, glad that. Do you have to be glad about everything? What's the matter with you, anyway?”

also listen for: “Well, let's just say there are about sixty-eleven things you could've said besides that!”

did you know: Director/screenwriter David Swift wanted to trim the overlong film by about 20 minutes and rearrange some scenes (most notably the acquisition of the doll in the town bazaar sequence) but Disney, who fell in love with the film by watching the dailies, would not allow it and Swift did not have final cut privileges.


Erika said...

She looks so young! Was this her first?

Millie Motts said...

It was indeed!

Laney said...

I do like this movie. I like the cranky old man the best.