the sting

the year: 1973

the genre: dramedy

the cast: Paul Newman (Henry Gondorff); Robert Redford (Johnny Hooker); Robert Shaw (Doyle Lonnegan); Charles Dunning (Lt. Snyder); Ray Walston (J.J. Singleton); Eileen Crennan (Billie); Harold Gould (Kid Twist); Dana Elcar (FBI Agent Polk)

the plot: Johnny Hooker, a small time grifter, unknowingly steals from Doyle Lonnegan, a big time crime boss, when he pulls a standard street con. Lonnegan demands satisfaction for the insult. After his partner, Luther, is killed, Hooker flees, and seeks the help of Henry Gondorff, one of Luther's contacts, who is a master of the long con.

listen for: "What was I supposed to do - call him for cheating better than me, in front of the others?"

don't miss: the sting.

did you know: Robert Shaw injured his ankle and incorporated the resulting limp into his performance.

extra bonus points: if you know when Robert Redford finally saw this movie.

also listen for: "Sit down and shut up, will ya? Try not to live up to all my expectations."

did you also know: if you listen when Lonnegan (Shaw) first walks into "The Operation", you can hear over the P.A. that one of the horses running is called Steve McQueen.


Scott said...

Newman and Redford was the original Clooney and Pitt

Erika said...

Very true, Scott.

Millie Motts said...

Answer: June 2004.