belles on their toes

the year: 1952

the genre: comedy

the cast: Myrna Loy (Lillian Gilbreth); Jeanne Crain (Ann Gilbreth); Debra Paget (Martha Gilbreth); Jeffrey Hunter (Dr. Bob Grayson); Hoagy Carmichael (Tom Bracken); Edward Arnold (Sam Harper)

the plot: After Frank's death, Lillian is struggling to make ends meet without her husband's income, while Anne, Martha, and even Ernestine find romance.

count: how many cans of beans the family eats over the summer.

watch for: Martha's risque swimsuit.

don't miss: how the brothers deal with Ernestine's "sheik".

listen for: "What on earth was that?" "The childern have a chemistry set in the cellar." "Smells like alcohol." "Mr. Harper, alcohol is a chemical."

also don't miss: the kids' clandestine visits to the hospital.

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