school of rock

the year: 2003

the genre: comedy

the cast: Jack Black (Dewey Finn); Joan Cusack (Rosalie Mullins); Adam Pascal (Theo); Sarah Silverman (Patty DiMarco); Miranda Cosgrove (Summer Hathaway)

the plot: After being kicked out of his own band, rock guitar player Dewey Finn needs to raise some money to pay for his rent and bills. When his school teacher friend Ned Schneebly is called to substitute at an expensive private school, Dewey pretends to be Ned and accepts the job. He finds talented young musicians in his class, and decides to form a rock-and-roll band with the students and win a competition called "Battle of Bands".

don't miss: who the kids list as their influences.

listen for: "I pledge allegiance... to the band... of Mr. Schneebly... and will not fight him... for creative control... and will defer to him on all issues related to the musical direction of the band."

did you know: Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Summer in the movie, can sing. She took a 45-minute "bad singing" lesson to sing "Memory" when Jack Black's character is looking for backup singers.

extra bonus points: if you know what format was originally planed for the movie.

count: how many of the parents drive Volvos.

did you also know: Jack Black thought of all the nicknames for the kids.

also listen for: "Its gonna be a really tough project, you're gonna have to use your head, your brain and your mind."

also don't miss: the inpromptu math lesson with nine as the magic number.

disclaimer: there is a bit of language.

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Millie Motts said...

Answer: The movie was originally planned as a musical.