mr. magorium's wonder emporium

the year: 2007

the genre: fantasy

the cast: Dustin Hoffman (Mr. Edward Magorium, Avid Shoe-Wearer); Natalie Portman (Molly Mahoney, Composer); Zach Mills (Eric Applebaum, Hat Collector); Jason Bateman (Henry "Mutant" Weston)

the plot: Molly Mahoney is the manager of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, the awesome toy store owned by Mr. Edward Magorium. Molly was a promising composer and piano player when she was a girl, and now she is a twenty-three year-old insecure woman that feels stuck in her job. Among the costumers of the Emporium is the lonely hat collector, Eric Applebaum, who has only Molly and Mr. Magorium for friends. When the last pair of shoes that Mr. Magorium bought in Toscana is worn, he hires the accountant, Henry Weston to adjust the accounts of the Emporium. Furthermore, he claims that he is two hundred and forty-three years old and his time to go has come; he gives a block of wood called Congreve cube to Molly and asks Henry to transfer the Emporium to her name. Molly tries to convince Mr. Magorium to stay in his magical toy store instead of "going".

don't miss: Eric's skill in building with Lincoln Logs.

listen for:"Mortimer, fetch!" "Stupid zebra."

also listen for: "Your life is an occasion. Rise to it."

extra bonus points: Mahoney and Mr. Magorium choose to start jumping on the mattresses in the mattress store on the count of "triscadecaphobia." What is triscadecaphobia?


Aubree Legler said...

fear of the number thirteen.

"you've already got the job, mutant. no need to show off."

"I'm afraid I look rather like a toothpick from afar..."

"Why for the love of mustard are there never enough buns?

Millie Motts said...