night at the museum 2: battle of the smithsonian

the year: 2009

the genre: action/comedy

the cast: Ben Stiller (Larry Daley); Amy Adams (Amelia Earhart); Owen Wilson (Jedediah); Hank Azairia (Kahmunrah); Robin Williams (Teddy Roosevelt); Christopher Guest (Ivan the Terrible); Ricky Gervais (Dr. McPhee); Steve Coogan (Octavius)

the plot: When the Museum of Natural History is closed for upgrades and renovations, the museum pieces are moved into federal storage at the famous Washington Museums. After stealing a security guard's ID badge, Larry slips into the Archives of the Smithsonian, where Kahmunrah, an evil Pharaoh has taken the magic tablet and come to life. Also come to life are the old exhibits (i.e. Theodore Roosevelt and Dexter) and new exhibits (i.e. General Custer and Al Capone) and chaos quickly ensues. Larry enlists the help of Amelia Earheart, and together they try to put everything back in order and get the tablet away from Kahmunrah.

don't miss: the difference between a tunic and a dress.

did you know: this was the first movie ever filmed at the Smilthsonian Institution.

listen for: [to Darth Vader] "Is that you breathing? Because I can't hear myself think! There's too much going on here; you're asthmatic, you're a robot. And why the cape? Are we going to the opera? I don't think so."

did you also know: Hank Azaria screen tested Kahmunrah with various accents including American Southerner (from Alabama) and English Cockney, before settling on an "upper crust British accent" with a "humorous lisp" - a tribute to Boris Karloff's The Mummy.

extra bonus points: if you know which two additional characters Hank Azairia provided the voice for.

also listen for: "Would you stop narrating everything we do? Just live in the moment!"


Erika said...

"We've been jimmyjacked!"

"I have come back FROM THE DEAD!" "Yeah, I got that. Welcome back."

Laney said...

Hank Azaria did the voice for the Einsteins and The Thinker right? He's probably my favorite character actor. You forgot to mention "My hair is currency is certain countries." Custer does a lovely job ;)

Millie Motts said...

Hank Azaria also did the voice for Lincoln.

Ah, Custer. I REALLY need to buy this movie.

Laney said...

My favorite line is from the deleted scene "Takin them down Gangster Style." The entire scene I think should have been in the movie. Oh well! Yes yes, buy it ;)