lt. robin crusoe, u.s.n.

the year: 1966

the genre: comedy

the cast: Dick Van Dyke (Lt. Robin Crusoe); Nancy Kwan (Wednesday); Akim Tamiroff (Tanamashu)

the plot: Lt. Robin Crusoe is a navy pilot who bails out of his plane after engine trouble. He reaches a deserted island paradise where he builds a house and finds an abandoned Japanese submarine from WWII, a marooned chimp from the US Space program and a native girl named Wednesday who was exiled by her father. Wednesday thinks Crusoe wants to marry her, and when her father arrives on the island to collect her and Crusoe refused to marry her, chaos ensues.

don’t miss: Floyd, the space chimp: golf caddy, drinking buddy, and sounding board for the lovelorn.

count: Wednesday’s sisters.

check out: Tanamashu’s conference with Kaboona.

listen for: “How now, brown cow. Woof woof, hello Max.”

did you know: Retlaw Yensid was credited for the movie's original story. The pseudonym is Walter Disney reversed.


bporter said...

I think the best parts of this movie have to be the mail delivery system and the water/fireworks scene.

I think it is fitting also, that my word verification for this comment is Bride!

Laney said...

This is a pretty funny movie! I might have to put it on my "to buy" list....

Erika said...

Do you think this chimp paved the way for the monkeys in "Rocket Man" and "Night at the Museum"?

Lori said...

This is one of those that was much more funny when I watched it with you. I agree with Blaine on the best parts too. :o> Never noticed the pseudonym before...I'll have to watch for that. How do you pick up on all these details?