bits and pieces

No need to watch the whole movie, but you might enjoy this scene…

Gene Kelly dancing on rollerskates in It’s Always Fair Weather – complete with French subtitles -

Mitzi and Donald on deck in Anything Goes

Fred and Ginger in The Berkleys of Broadway

Dancing in the Dark from The Bandwagon

Frank and Debbie in The Tender Trap


Erika said...

What are the odds? I just saw the tap dancing roller skating last night. Can't wait to watch the others!

Erika said...

Ok. Here's my review, Blaine-style:
Anything Goes-She should really be more careful dancing on skylights in a skirt
Barkley of Broadway-just plain fun
Bandwagon-random (but very fluid. I was especially impressed with the turns up the stairs)
Tender Trap-nothing like schmatlz :) It's a catchy song
Elvis-the ditty is groovy, but the hair is scary

Thanks for sharing the fun dance routines. I'll probably be dancing with my vacuum tonight.

bporter said...

I would never say "just plain fun".

I was surprised not to see the final number from Xanadou up there, it has roller skating, crazy hair, music, and all the other stuff rolled into one!

Millie Motts said...

Oh, Xanadu needs its own blog post, don't you think? Is that the one you want for YOUR birthday, Blaine?

Laney said...

I'm glad Xanadu had more than one Shout Out. It's worthy of it's own post I think. It does have Gene in it and some seriously awesome routines, if not the best cohesive plot.

J&C Hale family said...

Had fun watching these and thinking of watching them with you (or similar ones we watched together). It's fun to see the coordination these people have and how easy they make it look.