ball of fire

the year: 1941

the genre: comedy

the cast: Barbara Stanwyck (Sugarpuss O’Shea); Gary Cooper (Professor Bertram Potts); S. Z. Sakall (Professor Magenbruch); Dana Andrews (Joe Lilac)

the plot: Sexy, wisecracking nightclub singer Sugarpuss O'Shea is a hot tomato who needs to be kept on ice: mobster boyfriend Joe Lilac is suspected of murder and her testimony could put him away. Naive Professor Bertram Potts is working with his seven colleagues on the 9th year of a 12-year encyclopedia writing project. When Professor Potts discovers that his section on slang is outdated, he sets out to research the topic. He happens upon Miss O'Shea and in true romantic comedy fashion the two worlds collide. When Miss O'Shea hides out with Potts and his fellow professors, the professors learn how to conga and Potts learns the meaning of "yum-yum"! Just when things are humming along nicely, Joe resurfaces with other plans for Miss O’Shea.

count: the number of times Miss Bragg splits an infinitive.

don’t miss: how the professors get Pastrami to sing like a canary.

check out: the theater marquee in the background when Pottsy is taking notes of the newsboy’s slang. It advertises Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – referring to the inspiration for the Ball of Fire script.

listen for: “I love him because he's the kind of guy who gets drunk on a glass of buttermilk, and I love the way he blushes right up over his ears. I love him because he doesn't know how to kiss, the jerk!”

also listen for: “Well, I certainly am obliged to ya. I could use a bundle a scratch right now on account of I met me a mouse last week. What a pair o’gams! A little in, a little out, and a little more out. Well, with this dish on my hands and them given out twenty five smackaroos on that quizzola…we’ll be stubbin’, me and the smooch – I mean the dish – I mean the mouse. You know, hit the jiggles for a little Rhumboogie? Brother, we’re gonna have some hoy-toy-toy!”


Erika said...

That looks hilarious! Can't wait to see it.

Millie Motts said...

This is one of my favorites!