the most wonderful time of the year

the year: 2008
the genre: rom-com

the cast: Brooke Burns (Jennifer Cullen); Henry Winkler (Uncle Ralph); Warren Christie (Morgan Derby); Woody Jeffreys (Richard Windom)
the plot: They aren’t exactly the three wise men, but a snowbound stranger, a crafty uncle and a precocious boy may just have what it takes to remind one crazed woman what the holiday season is all about.  Jennifer Cullen is a single, working mom who has become somewhat of a Scrooge when it comes to the Holiday season. When Jen’s Uncle Ralph, a retired police officer, comes to visit for Christmas, he brings along a new friend, a nomad and Jack-of-all-trades named Morgan Derby - who is stranded due to flight cancellations - and Jennifer begins to remember why it's the most wonderful time of the year. 
don't miss: the legend of the one red candle. 
Harry Winkler is fantastic as Uncle Ralph.  A shoe-in as one of my very favorite supporting characters in a Christmas movie.

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