the saint and the falcon

While I was hunkered down during Hurricane Sandy, I spent a fair amount of time flipping back and forth between storm coverage and fun things like (the original) Hawaii Five-O reruns, Looney Tunes cartoons, and even an Adam West Batman cliffhanger with Joker, Penguin, AND Catwoman!

Monday morning, I also stumbled across a few gems on TCM.  George Sanders (well before his time as the bad guy on In Search of the Castaways, or providing the voice for Shere Kahn) was the dashing, devil-may care Simon Templar (The Saint) and Gay Lawrence (The Falcon).  The Falcon movies were fun, but I have to say I loved The Saint movies best. 

Now I've got to see if I can find them on DVD...

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Erika said...

Dugan looks like quite the character. Excellent sidekick material. :D