abcs: s

Silk Stockings

Singin' in the Rain

Swiss Family Robinson

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

School of Rock



What are your favorite "S" movies?


Laney said...

The Sandlot
Shanghai Noon
Secret Window
The Skulls
Sense and Sensibility
Seems Like Old Times

Aubree Legler said...

wow, could you have gotten a wider-eye shot of gene kelly? that's impressive--you'd think he wanted everyone to see his blue eyes or something. ;)

Scott said...

I can think of two reasons for the wide eyes: He glanced behind the camera and saw the double fudge chocolate brownies that are his greatest chink in his fitness armor that the caterer just brought in for after lunch; He wants everyone to see that his teeth are as white as the whites of his eyes--the vanity of some people!

B Porter said...

I am so happy to know that Slipper and the Rose did not make the list.

Scott said...

Favorite S movies:

Slipper and the Rose