the christmas choir

the year: 2008
the genre: drama
the cast: Jason Gedrick (Peter Brockman); Tyrone Benskin (Bob); Michael Sarrazin (Henry Brockman); Marianne Farley (Marilyn); Rhea Perlman (Sister Agatha)
the plot: Nineteen days before Christmas, successful accountant Peter Brockman's life is turned upside down when his fiancée Jill dumps him because of his emotional detachment and his tendancy for being a workaholic. While sipping on soda at a lounge, he meet Bob, a blues pianist and singer, who is working for tips. The two talk about their love of music. When Bob invites Peter to his house, Peter is amazed to find Bob's house is a homeless shelter, and that the occupants have some musical talent.  Peter meets the caring, straight-talking nun Sister Agatha, who gives him some perspective and he decides to organize the men into a choir to raise some funds for the shelter.  Although the choir's musical abilities become better each day, Peter and the other singers go through their own personal trials.  They finally begin to trust in each other and share in the gift of music. 
don't miss: Sister Agatha. 

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