christmas angel

the year: 2009
the genre: drama
the cast: Kari Hawker (Ashley Matthews); K.C. Clyde (Will Price); Bruce Davison (Nick Anderson)
the plot: Ashley has been on her own all her life and feels even more alone before Christmas as she searches fruitlessly for a job. But her neighbor, Nick, knows exactly what to do. He offers her a job, to be his assistant in the best work: helping others. There's one caveat: Ashley can't tell anyone that her new boss is a sort of Secret Santa, helping others anonymously. Through her new job, Ashley meets Will, a writer for a business magazine who uncovers what Ashley is doing, and more importantly, Nick's involvement. As Ashley and Nick help people in need, Ashley tries to protect Nick's secret, and her own heart, while Will must weigh the consequences of what he does.
listen for: "Nothing wrong with getting a jump start. Only comes once a year."
"So does hurricane season."

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