tammy tell me true

the year: 1961

the genre: comedy

the cast: Sandra Dee (Tammy); John Gavin (Tom Freeman); Beulah Bondi (Mrs. Annie Call)

the plot: Heartbroken because Pete (who's away at college) fails to answer her letters, Tammy decides to go to college herself. After moving the Ellen B. downriver to Seminola College, she gains admission as a special student and, to pay her expenses, takes a job as companion to Mrs. Call, a wealthy eccentric.

don't miss: Stefanie Powers' screen debut.


Erika said...

It's Trevor Graydon! ;)

Scott said...

So, I saw the title of this one and instinctively started humming the Debbie Reynolds's theme song from the original Tammy...and promptly got a pillow in the kisser from a fiery brunette. Guess that's not a favorite for some in this household.

B Porter said...

You're starting off the year with Sandra Dee?! Really?!

Millie Motts said...

Erika: Hallelujah!

Scott: Next time we get together I'll sing along with you. ;)

Blaine: It was a leftover post from last year. Wait until you see the next one. :)