quotes: summer

Name the movie:

1. I don't want to waste my summer at some camp! I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud!

2. You must remember, young thespians, learning is never seasonal, so do allow the shimmering lights of Summer to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds.

3. Chessy, I changed a lot over the summer, that's all.

4. I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars. Now, if the people can't swim here, they'll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Long Island...

5. I've been coming here every summer of my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling. I can't take this no more!


Erika said...

2. Dead Poet Society?
5. Sandlot?

Laney said...

I only know 5. is The Sandlot.

Millie Motts said...

1. Camp Rock
2. High School Musical 2
3. The Parent Trap
4. Jaws
5. The Sandlot

B Porter said...

The first 2 aren't even worth a comment.

Have you even seen jaws?