my life in ruins

the year: 2009

the genre: comedy

the cast: Nia Vardalos (Georgia); Richard Dreyfuss (Irv); Alexis Georgoulis (Poupi Kakas)

the plot: Georgia is an American academic who's lost her teaching job in Athens and taken a job as a tour guide - which she hates (and it and it shows). Her latest group of tourists is much like the others - bored with history and more interested in shopping - and includes a frat boy, a sullen teen, a feuding couple, divorcées on the prowl, a silent driver and lots of other fun characters. AND the bus doesn't have air conditioning. But thanks to an unlikely friendship, some daisies, an ice-cream cone, the history of syrup, and the Oracle at Delphi, Georgia may have a shot at finding her kefi during this four-day tour.

don't miss: the stereotypical tourists. And how Nico gets payback.

listen for: "Sweet marble cake! She speaks American."

extra bonus points: if you know who plays the creepy hotel clerk.

disclaimer: there's one make out scene to skip. You'll know it when you get there.


Laney said...

Nia's husband Ian Gomez. They seem like such a mix-matched couple, but I love that they try to always be in each others movies.

B Porter said...

This movie was painful. I almost got kicked out of the room multiple times.

Millie Motts said...

Correct, Laney!

Millie Motts said...

Blaine, I can see where kicking would be painful.