guess who.

When he was born he was mistakenly listed as a female on his birth certificate.

He disliked Greta Garbo, a feeling that was mutual. She thought his acting was wooden while he considered her a snob.

He watched very little television except boxing matches.

He had a fear of flying, and made all long journeys across America by train.

Adolf Hitler esteemed the film star above all other actors, and during the war offered a sizable reward to anyone who could capture and return this star (who had enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was flying combat missions over Germany) unscathed to him.

He enlisted in the army in honor of his late wife, Carole Lombard. She had been killed in a plane crash while on tour selling war bonds.

He gave his 1934 Oscar to a child who admired it, telling him it was the winning of the statue that had mattered, not owning it. The child returned the Oscar to the star’s family after his death.

He disliked his most famous film, which he regarded as "a woman's picture".


Erika said...

Would that be Mr. Gable? I love the story about the Oscar.

Erika said...

P.S. If he had a fear of flying, I wonder why he enlisted in the Air Corps...

Laney said...

I didn't know a lot of that about him. That's cool!

Millie Motts said...

It would indeed!