undercover brother

the year: 2002

the genre: comedy

the cast: Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother/Anton Jackson); Chris Kattan (Mr. Feather); Denise Richards (White She Devil); Aunjanue Ellis (Sistah Girl); Dave Chappelle (Conspiracy Brother); Chi McBride (The Chief); Neil Patrick Harris (Lance); Gary Anthony Williams (Smart Brother); Billy Dee Williams (Gen. Warren Boutwell)

the plot: A white corporate despot known only as "The Man", has the power to unleash a terrifying top-secret weapon: an irresistibly packaged psycho-hallucinogenic drug that will reduce the entire population to mindless zombies. But with his funky sense of style, a smooth way with the ladies, Bruce Lee moves, a Cadillac attitude, and an arsenal of outrageous disguises and gadgets, Undercover Brother is recruited by the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. to foil The Man's plan. Partnered with the sassy, stunning Sistah Girl, our hero must first undergo the ultimate attitude adjustment and trade in his 'fro and platforms for tennis sweaters and penny loafers. Once the transformation is complete, he's ready to take on the evil perpetrators of Operation Whitewash--Mr Feather, Penelope Snow aka White She Devil, and, ultimately, The Man.

don't miss: Ebony & Ivory.

listen for: "If you're going to fit in to white America, you're gonna have to learn to like MAYONNAISE!"

did you know: Undercover Brother's license plate is "SOLID" - and when the rear license plate lowers to reveal gun turrets, the area reads "SUCKA".

extra bonus points: if you know what role Billy Dee Williams is most famous for.

also listen for: "You know he does have point about that Colonel. I never trusted the Colonel. Slaves cooked that chicken. Ain't no white man know nothin' about no 16 herbs and spices and gibblits."

disclaimer: Conspiracy Brother has a potty mouth on him, so be forewarned. You can also just skip the scene where Undercover Brother interviews to work for "The Man." That being said, this is still a well done spoof.


Scott said...

"Christ" Cattan, eh?

I'm trying to decide what Billy Dee Williams is most famous for, Lando Calrissian (sp?) or is ultra cool cameos in Temptations music videos.

Millie Motts said...

Thanks for catching that, Mr. Detail. It's fixed now.

I was going for Landon from Star Wars, although you make a good point!

Erika said...

I think my favorite part is the *high speed* golf cart chase.

Laney said...

"You mess with the fro, you got to go!" Best viewing of this movie was with the black ladies at the theater talking to the screen. It was WAY funnier with their commentary. Good times!