summer stock

the year: 1950

the genre: musical

the cast: Judy Garland (Jane Falbury); Gene Kelly (Joe Ross); Eddie Bracken (Orville Wingait); Gloria DeHaven (Abigail Falbury); Marjorie Main (Esme); Phil Silvers (Herb Blake); Ray Collins (Jasper G. Wingait)

the plot: As a favor to her actress sister Abigail, New England farmer Jane Falbury allows a group of actors use her barn as a theater for their play. In return, the cast and crew have to help her with the farm chores. During rehearsals, Jane finds herself falling for the show's director, Joe Ross, who also happens to be engaged to the show's leading lady-- Abigail.

don't miss: Gene Kelly's "newspaper dance".

check out: "You, Wonderful You" is also a pretty good number - kinda sweet.

count: how many pieces/parts make up Jane's tractor.

listen for: "That actor! She's in love with that actor!"

did you know: On one particular day of fiming, Judy Garland was said to be "not in a fit state to work" so Gene Kelly feigned a fall so that she would be able to take the day off.


Erika said...

I was a little worried about that black dress in the 6th pic...until I saw the green and organge farm costumes at the bottom. Then I became a LOT worried. Do you think the goal of costume directors in musicals is to see how bizarre they can make costumes before someone refuses to wear it?

Laney said...

I'd have to agree. Weird costumes in this one. But I've always wanted to watch it. I guess that story about Gene makes up for him being a bum to Debbie Reynolds in SITR.

Millie Motts said...

Well, I have to say that this is one I never had any desire to see, but once I watched it I couldn't believe I had missed it all those years!

I read in Gene Kelly's biography that he felt that Judy really helped him in his first film role (For Me and My Gal) for which he was very grateful. After that he was always extremely protective of her.