state fair

the year: 1945

the genre: musical

the cast: Jeanne Crain (Margy Frake); Dana Andrews (Pat Gilbert); Dick Haymes (Wayne Frake); Vivian Blaine (Emily Edwards); Charles Winniger (Abel Frake); Fay Bainter (Melissa Frake)

the plot: a glimpse into the life of the farming Frake family and their three-day adventure at the Iowa State Fair. While parents Abel and Melissa are hoping to win a few blue ribbons, siblings Margy and Wayne are more interested in finding romance on the midway.

count: how many blue ribbons the Frakes bring home.

don't miss: the mincemeat judge (hic!) or Harry Morgan as the dishonest carnival barker.

watch for: another of my favorite meet-cutes. Hmmmm...maybe I should try riding another roller coaster.

listen for: "One shoe off and the other shoe off. Diddle diddle dumpling my son John. Hey, that don't rhyme like it used to."

did you know: Dana Andrews was a trained opera singer but his voice was dubbed because the studio was unaware of that fact. He later explained that he didn't correct their mistake because he felt the singer dubbing him probably needed the money and he didn't want to put anyone out of work.

extra bonus points: if you can name the movie Vivian Blaine would star in ten years later. (Hint: it also starred Frank Sinatra.)

also listen for: "Biggest boar in the world, I bet." "All depends on how you spell it."


Erika said...

Guys N Dolls--for the longest time I had truoble reconciling Vivian Blane's lovely voice in this with Miss Adelaide's distinctive voice.

Laney said...

Miss Adelaide has to be one of the most obnoxious characters EVER! I have to skip most of her scenes. Thankfully that character didn't taint the actress.

Erika said...

I Love Miss Adelaide! Sometime I'll do my "Adelaide's Lament" for you. ;) For some reason I find her voice less abrasive than the girl in "Singing in the Rain." I dunno why...

Laney said...

REALLY?! I actually like Debbie Reynolds. I'm a little nervous about the lament...you might have to run like a monkey afterwards.

Erika said...

Debbie Reynolds is fine. It's the "I can't stand him" movie star lady that grates like nails on a chalkboard.

Millie Motts said...

Lina: "Why, I make more money than - than - than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!"