girl happy

the year: 1965

the genre: Elvis (isn't that it's own genre?)...ok, musical

the cast: Elvis Presley (Rusty Wells); Shelley Fabares (Valerie); Harold J. Stone (Big Frank); Gary Grosby (Andy); Joby Baker (Wilbur); Jimmy Hawkins (Doc); Nita Talbot (Sunny Daze); Mary Ann Mobley (Deena); Fabrizio Miioni (Romano); Chris Noel (Betsy); Lyn Edington (Laurie); Gail Gilmore (Nancy)

the plot: After completing their gig at a Chicago nightclub, Rusty Wells and his band (shocker!) plan to spend Easter week in Fort Lauderdale entertaining college students. Big Frank, the owner of the nightclub, decides to waive his option to hold the group in Chicago when he learns that his daughter Valerie plans to vacation in Fort Lauderdale. He sends the group to Florida with the understanding that they keep a close watch on his daughter. While in Fort Lauderdale, Rusty and the combo find that most of their time is devoted to keeping Val out of trouble. To relieve the other band members of their commitment to Big Frank, Rusty offers to assume responsibility for her. All goes well until Valerie learns of Rusty's bargain with her father.

count: how many college kids are staying at the Seadrift Motel.

don't miss: the poor hotel manager.

watch for: how the boat ends up in the hotel pool.

listen for: my favorite Elvis movie soundtrack.

Maybe your yen is for tennis courts / Maybe romancing is in your thoughts / Enjoy all outdoor and indoor sports / Through the courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce

also listen for: Flip, flop with ki-eye / What a cutie pie I see / Oops shoopa doo-wah / Lips of honey that's for me

extra bonus points: if you can name the character Joby Baker (second from the left in the car pic up top) plays in Blackbeard's Ghost.