north avenue irregulars

the year: 1979

the genre: comedy

the cast: Edward Herrmann (Michael Hill); Karen Valentine (Jane); Cloris Leachman (Claire); Susan Clark (Anne); Barbara Harris (Vickie); Virginia Capers (Cleo); Patsy Kelly (Rose); Douglas Fowley (Delaney); Michael Constantine (Marv)

the plot: Reverend Michael Hill arrives as the new minister at North Avenue Presbyterian Church. He wants to get members of the congregation involved, but after one of them loses the church sinking fund on a horse race, the Reverend (much to the horror of the two federal treasury agents) hits upon the idea of enlisting the help of several ladies from the church to bring down the gambling racket.

count: how many pets escape Vickie's station wagon after the pet show.

don't miss: Claire's nails.

listen for: "Uh, Max and I are watching Freddie Uh Two Fingers' Snooker Parlor, and uh I... expect to be murdered any minute. If that should happen, would somebody please contact Alfredo? He does my hair."

also listen for: "How come he doesn't have any pants on?" "Well, we - we don't know why, we - we don't question why." "Why don't we? We're all suppose to pretend he has pants on, when he doesn't?" "Mm-hmm, Yes."

check out: Strawberry Shortcake's outfits. Groovy.

did you know: the church had to be rebuilt and blown up again after the crew realized there wasn't film in the camera after the first take.


Laney said...

SUCH a funny (and a major mess) of a movie!

bporter said...

I think this explains why Bond was a male role!