follow me, boys

the year: 1966

the genre: drama

the cast: Fred MacMurray (Lemuel Siddons); Vera Miles (Vida Downey); Lillian Gish (Hetty Seibert); Charles Ruggles (John Everett Hughes); Elliott Reid (Ralph Hastings); Kurt Russell (Whitey)

the plot: After one year too many on the road with a ramshackle jazz band, itinerant musician Lem Siddons decides to put down roots in Hickory, a small Midwestern town, by taking a job as a clerk in a general store. With the dual purpose of impressing bank teller Vida Downey and instilling values in the local boys and keep them out of trouble, Siddons starts a local Scout troop, which sets him on a lifelong roller-coaster ride as a Scoutmaster to a steady stream of high-spirited youngsters.

count: how many scouts are in the original Troop #1.

don’t miss: when the troop ends up in the middle of war games – “Show him how to tie a sheepshank and let him go.”

check out: the lodge the scouts build out at the lake.

listen for: “Holy jumpin' blue-eyed cow!”

also listen for: “Young man, you are a popinjay. And YOU, sir are an employer of popinjays.”

count: how many scouts show up for Lem Siddons Day.

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Erika said...

Great! Now I'm gonna have THAT song stuck in my head all day. Darn those Sherman brothers. ;)

The war games are my absolute favorite part!