once upon a honeymoon

the year: 1942
the genre: dramedy
the cast: Cary Grant (Pat O'Toole); Ginger Rogers (Kathie O'Hara / Katherine Butt-Smith / Baroness Katherine Von Luber); Walter Slezak (Baron Franz Von Luber)
the plot: At the start of WWII, Katie O'Hara, an American burlesque girl intent on social climbing, marries Austrian Baron Von Luber. Pat O'Toole, an American radio reporter, sees this as a chance to investigate Von Luber, who is suspected of having Nazi ties. As country after country falls to the Nazis, O'Tool follows O'Hara across Europe. At first he is after a story, but he gradually falls in love with her. When she learns that her husband is indeed a Nazi, O'Hara fakes her death and runs off with O'Toole.  But that's not the end of the story...
listen for:  "I was supposed to be investigating facts, not figures."
don't miss:  Pat telling the ship's captain that someone has fallen overboard.  Think "We're No Angels" telling Uncle Andre that Adolphe is poisonous.
did you know: The question of top billing was resolved by having half of the prints with Cary Grant listed first, and the other half with Ginger Rogers listed first.

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