best of: gene kelly

Summer Stock

Anchors Aweigh

Jack in the Beanstalk

The Pirate: Be a Clown

On the Town

It's Always Fair Weather: She Likes Me

Singin' in the Rain: Moses Supposes

And of course...


Erika said...

I do enjoy Jack and the Beanstalk--especially when the Walklebirds Walk.

Be a Clown sounds awfully similar to Make 'Em Laugh...

B Porter said...

What, no Xanadu tribute?

Scott said...

Feel free to watch it at your leisure, Blaine...in the privacy of your own home on your own VHS.

Laney said...

I'm glad Blaine pointed out Gina's omission - Xanadu is awesome! Especially the rollerscating finale.