that touch of mink

the year: 1962

the genre: comedy

the cast: Cary Grant (Philip Shayne); Doris Day (Cathy Timberlake); Gig Young (Roger); John Astin (Everett Beasley); Audrey Meadows (Connie Emerson); Alan Hewitt (Doctor Gruber)

the plot: Cathy Timberlake is an old fashioned country girl who meets the man of her dreams, Philip Shayne, after his Rolls Royce splashes her with mud. Philip is taken by Cathy's honest heart, but there's one problem - he's not interested in marriage while Cathy, of course, has never thought of anything else.

don't miss: the credit that reads: "Our special thanks to Bergdorf Goodman for being Bergdorf Goodman."

listen for: "The Four Horsemen now have a riding companion. There's War, Famine, Death, Pestilence, and Miss Timberlake!"

did you know: Cary Grant was a big fan of "The Honeymooners" and Audrey Meadows in particular. He was responsible for getting her the part of Connie.

also don't miss: John Astin as creepy unemployment officer Everett Beasley - quite a different character from Gomez Addams.

also listen for: "[very drunk] Do you like the way I walk?" "Poetry in motion."

did you also know: that the name Rock Hudson appears on the list of potential husbands Roger shows to Cathy.

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