the rocketeer

the year: 1991

the genre: action / adventure

the cast: Bill Campbell (Cliff); Jennifer Connelly (Jenny); Alan Arkin (Peevy); Timothy Dalton (Neville Sinclaire); Paul Sorvino (Eddie Valentine); Terry O'Quinn (Howard Hughes)

the plot: Set in 1930's Hollywood, complete with gangsters, Nazi spies, and the growth of the Age of Aviation, young pilot Cliff Secord stumbles on a top secret rocket-pack. With the help of his mechanic/mentor, Peevee, he attempts to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The Rocketeer.

don't miss: when Eddie Valentine decides which side he's fighting for.

watch for: a shout out to the Spruce Goose.

listen for: "How do I look?" "Like a hood ornament. "

did you know: Johnny Depp was nearly cast as Cliff Secord.

extra bonus points: if you know who the character Neville Sinclaire was loosely modeled after.


Laney said...

I vote Neville was based on Errol Flynn. Just a wild guess. I haven't seen this movie in years. I forgot how groovy it was.

Scott said...

Alan Arkin was always my favorite character. Speaking of Alan Arkin, allow me to make a plug for "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"

Millie Motts said...

Errol Flynn is correct!

Laney said...

I don't know what the quote "The Russians are coming" is from Scott...a little help?