the boatniks

the year; 1970

the genre: comedy

the cast: Robert Morse (Ensign Tom Garland); Stefanie Powers (Kate Fairchild); Phil Silvers (Harry Simmons); Norman Fell (Max); Mickey Shaughnessy (Charlie); Don Ameche (Commander Taylor); Wally Cox (Jason)

the plot: Young and awkward, Coast Guard Ensign Tom Garland suffers from attacks of clumsiness and comparison with his late father, a war hero. He falls for pretty Kate Fairchild, who runs a local sailing school - and while trying to impress her, must also deal with a trio of bumbling jewel thieves.

don't miss: how Ensign Garland and Kate meet.

watch for: Harry, Charlie & Max's attempt at chartering a sailboat to escape to Mexico.

listen for: the pearl diver's forray into English.

count: how many times Joe E. Ross (a.k.a. Gunther Toody) crashes his boat into the dock.

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